Tua Spa

Tua Spa


From internationally trusted brand Tua, Tua Spa promises you clear, smooth, glowing, rejuvenated looking skin.

Tua Spa encapsulates five different beauty treatments in one tool, uses hydro ultrasonic and micro-current technologies and each treatment takes only minutes! 

Clinically proven technologies used by spa professionals:

- Ultrasonic deep cleansing & gentle skin peel with ‘hydro pore wash' (2 programs) Gentle yet effective facial exfoliator
- Ultrasonic facial micro-massage for skin plumping and radiance enhancement (2 programs)
- Microcurrent facial toning and firming (3 levels)
- Uniquely blended microcurrent and ultrasound Skin Booster

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 Works beautifully alone or, in tandem with Tua tre'nd/Viso.  

5 Professional Grade Treatment Protocols in One Beauty Tool

1. Ultrasonic Cleansing 
Ultrasonic activation creates a suction effect that removes dirt and impurities from pores for deeply clean smooth skin. 

2. Ultrasonic Peeling 
Integrated with ultrasonic cleansing, dead skin cells and debris are lifted from the skin’s surface, refining the skin texture to reveal bright, clear, glowingly fresh new skin.

3. Ultrasonic Micro-massage  
Improves skin health and vitality encouraging elasticity, plumping up the skin and enhancing the radiance and colour. 

4. Micro-current Stimulation 
Energises the skin’s surface and stimulates the facial and neck muscles for a firmer more lifted look. 

5. Skin Booster 
3-minute beautifying facial: a unique combination of ultrasonic micro-massage with micro-current stimulation gives your skin a healthy, radiant glow while noticeably firming and toning the face and neck.