Tua Viso

Tua Viso


During life, our face undergoes visible changes: wrinkles appear and become more accentuated, the face's oval changes its lines, the skin loses its normal elasticity and becomes superfluous, causing bags under the eyes, flabby cheeks and relaxation on the neck. Cosmetics can effectively moisturize and smooth the skin, but to lift the face, work must be done on the structural parts, in other words on the muscles.

Thanks to Tua Viso, electrostimulation tones up and firms the face muscles with clearly visible face surface remodelling.

Tua Viso has been developed taking into account these requirements: restoring tone and a youthful look to the face and representing a major alternative for those who cannot or do not want to face surgical lifting.

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Tua Viso has special patented VP BOX electrodes. The original spring-loaded domes covered in soft sponge enable practical positioning on any area of the face and delicate contact with the skin; moreover, their operation with water enables immediate use, as there is no need to use any special conductive gels. The VP BOX electrodes are self-moistening and also have their own reservoir containing enough water necessary for a complete treatment session; this avoids having to repeatedly wet the sponge domes; to wet them, just press.

The extractable bayonet-fit rings enable fast replacement of the sponge domes and easy cleaning of the reservoir.