What really gives the appearance of age is loss of convexity on the face. When you’re looking at a youthful face, what you see is curves and volumes - the forehead curves out, the mouth protrudes, there’s volume in the cheeks and in the temples.’ ‘ With age, we lose muscles mass and subcutaneous fat so those convexities flatten and eventually become concave. We’ve realized that aging is less about lines and wrinkles and more about tissue loss.
— Dr. Nicholas Perricone, Dermatologist and author. supports muscles stimulation.

Why TUA?

Implementing TUA into your lifestyle is easy and practical.  The devices are used at home for a few minutes each day and are battery-powered (rechargeable) allowing flexibility of use.  No other devices available compare to TUA, it’s a non-invasive product that’s simple to use, requires no extra gels or gel pads and can transform your appearance – right before your eyes!

TUA results are cumulative.

Like exercises for the body, the more you use it, the more you’ll like what you see. With consistent use, you can achieve a natural looking, more toned, lifted and youthful looking face, neck and body. TUA products are patented, designed and manufactured in Italy by Vupiesse Italia. The company is an experienced manufacturer of professional electro-medical equipment used in sports medicine, physiotherapy and beauty medicine. 

Like Exercises for the body!