Dr. Paolorosso’s statement and his support of EMS technology


In our study we’ve attempted to analyse our face, and we’ve even considered the costs of various techniques and treatments. We’ve looked at the various methods intended to maintain or restore the perfect condition of the face. We’ve looked at possible preventive measures, surface treatments, surgery … and the conclusion is that miracles don’t exist.

Certainly, plastic surgery offers the quickest and most spectacular results, but it does not eliminate the need afterwards for constant daily care of the face, and above all it is often impossible due to the difficulties or fear associated with a surgical operation in a hospital or clinic.

Beauty treatments at home or in beauty salons have achieved a very high level or perfection and evolution. Unfortunately, these treatments are influenced by the difficulty of penetration of active principles, and above all by the fact that they are merely surface treatments, without acting on the supporting structures, represented by muscles and bone. It is these however that play a central role in overall facial tone.

I believe therefore that the diffusion of new devices Tua Face Fitness using excitomotor currents can be regarded with particular interest. On the one hand these restore volume and vigour to supporting muscles, while on the other they help to tauten the skin, facilitating the metabolism and stimulating circulation. Their use in the home permits a regular and even enjoyable practice of “skin training” that promises to give lasting youthfulness to the face.

Beyond these analyses, the fact remains that the beauty of the face must be earned day by day with regular attention and simple methods of care. The combination of different treatments can only contribute to the achievement of optimal results. So to continue feeling good inside your face, or to rediscover this exciting emotion, the advice given in our study and above all a few minutes of your time on a daily basis can certainly be a great help!


Dr. Andrea Paolorosso took a degree in Medicine and Surgery in 1980 at Padua University, later specializing in Dermatology and Venereology at Bologna University in 1983. He has been involved in Cosmetic and beauty Medicine for many years, collaborating with journals of this sector and holding training courses both in Italy and abroad.

He is a scientific consultant for important producers of cosmetics and electrical beauty and electromedical devices. He has participated as a speaker at numerous conferences of beauty medicine, phlebology, sport medicine and cosmesis.

Since 1993 he has been a lecturer in dermatology in professional beautician schools.

He has been headmaster of the refresher course in Cosmetics of the University of Camerino.

In addition to articles in specialized journals, Paolorosso has published the books “Belli a tutti i costi”(Beauty at all costs), “La mia pelle” (My Skin), “Guida ai trattamenti fisioestetici” (Guide to Physioesthetic Treatments), “I miei cosmetici” (My Cosmetics), and “La pressoterapia: principi e recenti applicazioni” (Pressure Therapy Principles and Recent Applications).