The Science of Electrostimulation


Electro muscles stimulation exploits a natural physiological principle of the body; the brain naturally stimulates muscles to work through electrochemical impulses conveyed to the muscle fibres (muscle cells).  In a similar way, Tua Face Fitness conveys special low-voltage micro-currents to the facial muscles and tissues via the patented electrode wand. These micro-currents, which are controlled and absolutely safe, cause passive contraction of the muscles fibres, particularly at the less-used level, and increase the blood circulation to the treated area.  Your skeletal muscle contraction is controlled by the central nervous system (CNS) by means of electro-chemical impulses conveyed through the nervous system. Tua Face Fitness is a treatment that generates specific electrical micro-currents that cause gentle yet deep passive muscle contraction by mimicking and substituting the impulses generated by the CNS.  The micro-current is applied at the point where the nerve innervates the muscle fibres (neuromuscular plate).

Tua Face Fitness comprises the most advanced, sophisticated technology for facial muscles stimulation. There are five facial areas - the cheekbone, lower cheek/jowl, forehead, chin (including jaw line, lower lip and neck) and under eye area - each treated with a specific pre-programmed workout program. Each area program is complete with pre-set parameters such as stimulation frequency, pulse width, contraction times and recovery times. These parameters have been fine tuned and optimized for each facial area according to the muscle thickness and density of that area. For example, the microcurrent frequency for the cheek area is different than for the forehead where the muscle is much thinner. This provides you with a more effective treatment and you only need to regulate the micro-current intensity.

Benefits Of Electrostimulation

  • Selective stimulation of muscle group.

By positioning the electrodes correctly on the different muscles, a specific stimulation can be achieved on the selected muscle, reducing the activity of the adjacent muscle to a minimum.  This is unlike what happens in the case of voluntary ‘manual’ contraction, where the muscles always work according to specific muscle chains and synergies.

  • Optimum intensity workout for muscle fibres.

By setting micro-current intensities that are suited to the targeted muscle group (ie achieve a comfortable visible contraction), you will achieve an optimum intensity workout, something difficult to achieve through voluntary contraction.

  • Time/workload efficiencies

Tua Viso blond model.jpeg

It is possible to concentrate a large number of specific intensity stimulations within a short period of time.  A high volume of work is achieved that is not otherwise possible within the same time period when performing traditional muscle activity programs.

  • Fast, noticeable results.

With regular use (following these instructions), noticeable results will be achieved within two to twelve weeks of use.  A firmer, tauter, more lifted looking face and neck will be yours.